Super Saver Deal in the US: FAQ

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Our travelers are price-sensitive and are more likely to book if they see a competitive rate. The Super Saver Deal is a conversion enhancing product designed to generate more bookings and revenue for our Partners. In this article, relevant to the US, we’ll explore what the Super Saver Deal is, how it works, and will provide answers to frequently asked questions.

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What is the Super Saver Deal?

The Super Saver Deal is a product we developed to provide customers with significantly discounted rates on stays. This is made possible through partnerships with third-party providers.

The Super Saver Deal always appears on the first page of search results, providing extra visibility to the properties featured in the Super Saver widget. All bookings made via the Super Saver Deal are non-refundable and can’t be modified.

When a customer opts for the Super Saver Deal, they’ll be presented with three property options and a substantially discounted per-night rate for one of them. The customer doesn’t know which of the three featured hotels they’ll be staying at when booking. The property is revealed to the customer only after the booking is confirmed. The three hotels displayed in the search results are determined based on user preferences, filters, search activity, and similar attributes like location, amenities, and rating.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Super Saver Deal is a product designed to generate more bookings and revenue for our Partners. By sourcing rooms from third-party providers, can offer customers better prices than its directly sourced inventory. This helps make sure that prices on our platform are compelling and competitive for customers.

  • The Super Saver Deal is available to all users based in the US, whether they’re logged in or not. It can be accessed through both the mobile web and desktop platforms. The deal is limited to properties in select US cities and is offered for bookings with a maximum of one room and two adult travelers.

  • The Super Saver Deal features accommodations based in the US with a customer review score of 6 and above, among other requirements.

  • Partner properties featured in the Super Saver Deal are grouped based on various similar attributes like star rating, location, price, and amenities. The selection and grouping of hotels in search results are determined by preferences, filters, and search activity.

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