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What is changing with the way meal plans are sold on

Updated 7 months ago

From November 10, 2020 onwards, if you told us that you sell breakfast, lunch, or dinner at your property and entered prices for any of these meals, guests staying at your property will be able to book them as extras. This means you could receive meal bookings any time after the guest books their stay, up until their check-in date. Any meals booked will be subject to the standard commission.

Note: For now, this change impacts all properties that have meal prices set and are located in Portugal or Greece.

The benefits of selling meals on

  • 61% of guests want to book breakfast before they check in
  • You can increase your food sales by an average of 43%
  • Guests who book meals in advance cancel up to 3% less than guests who don’t book meals
  • Meeting guests’ needs is a great way to improve guest satisfaction – and your review score

How does the new system work?

Starting November 10, 2020, we’ll automatically show your meals to prospective guests at various points during and after they book a stay with you, right up till their check-in date. If a guest books a meal through, we’ll send you a message directly and the standard commission will apply. You’ll also see any booked meals in the guest’s reservation details on the Extranet, via the Pulse app, or your connectivity provider.

For more info about the way we’re selling your meal plans, have a look at the FAQs below.

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I already offer a rate that includes breakfast. Do these changes affect me?

If all your rates include meals, this change won’t affect you. If you decide to offer some of your rates without meals, then we’ll promote your existing meals to guests after they book a stay with you, up till their check-in date. 

Guests will be able to book your meals during the booking process and will also see the option in post-booking emails and notifications. Remember, properties that sell meals as extras increase meal sales by 43% on average.

I only offer one or two meals a day. How will the changes affect me?

Only meals you’ve set prices for will be shown to guests. To check which meals you offer—and update your prices—follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Extranet and click the Property tab.
  2. Select Facilities & Services
  3. Scroll down to Meals.

I serve meals via a third party or nearby restaurant, so I can’t guarantee that guests will be served. What should I do?

Contact your account manager using the contact details in the Extranet inbox or contact your local support team.

I offer meals, but I don’t want to pay commission on them. What can I do?

We understand paying commission can sometimes be challenging. However, selling meals can significantly increase your revenue and guest satisfaction. We also know that 61% of guests want to book meals before they arrive at your property. Giving them an easy way to do this can increase your meal sales by an average of 43%. We also know that guests who book meals as an extra tend to cancel less than guests who don’t.

If you have further questions, contact your account manager using the contact details in the Extranet inbox or contact your local support team.

I work with a connectivity provider (property management system or channel manager) that doesn’t have the option of selling meals. What can I do?

You can contact your connectivity provider to find out where you can see reservation modifications involving meals. In the meantime, you’ll receive an email notifying you of the change, and you’ll also see the info in the notification box of the reservation details.

If you have any more questions, contact your account manager using the contact details in the Extranet inbox or contact your local support team.

I run multiple properties. Will all my properties be affected by this?

All properties that have a meal price configured on the Extranet and are located in Portugal or Greece will be affected by these changes. 

How will guests know that I offer meals?

For all guests who book a rate without a meal included, we’ll promote all available meals at your property. We’ll do this at different points during the booking process on our site, as well as after they make their booking, via emails, WhatsApp messages, and notifications. 

How will I know when a guest books a meal?

We’ll let you know about any meal bookings by email. You’ll also see the meal booking in the guest's reservation details on the Extranet. If you use a connectivity provider or property management system that supports meal bookings, you’ll receive a notification there, too.

How will guests pay for their meals?

When a guest books a meal, the credit card they used to secure their reservation will be charged automatically. If you’ve signed up to receive Payments by Booking, then we’ll charge the guest and forward the payment to you. 

Can I set prices for children's meals?

It’s currently not possible to set different prices for children – but we’re working on it.


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