What is the Limited-time Deal?

Updated 11 months ago

The Limited-time Deal (formerly the Deal of the Day) is a minimum 40% discount that helps you increase your visibility on Booking.com search results and access the top positions in your area for a limited time.

If you want to fix an immediate occupancy issue, you can increase your visibility on our website for a short time using a Limited-time Deal.

Partners with a Limited-time Deal get a ranking boost that puts them at the top of our search results for their area, giving extra visibility and exposure to their property. 

Who can use it?

All partners with access to the Promotion Center and a review score of 7 or higher can activate this deal.

Where can you find it?

Partners can activate the Limited-time Deal in the “Promotion” tab of the Extranet, under the tab “Customize promotion.”

If the promotion is not available in this section, it means that you’re not currently eligible to create a Limited-time Deal.

 Activate the Limited-time Deal  

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