Changing the maximum guest occupancy for individual rooms or units

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You can change the number of guests that can stay in a room or unit anytime. This will affect future reservations, so check your upcoming bookings and make sure you have the correct availability. You’ll also need to change your rates accordingly, where applicable. Keep in mind that the price shown for a room or unit is based on the bed options you’ve added to it.

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Changing the maximum occupancy of a room or unit

 Follow these steps to change the occupancy for a room or unit:

  1. Log in to the Extranet
  2. Click Property
  3. Depending on your property type, select either Property layout or Room details
  4. Find the room or unit you want to update and click Edit
  5. Under Occupancy, update the Total occupancy with the number of guests that can stay in each room or unit
  6. Click Continue to save

To attract more bookings from families, consider extending room occupancy with cribs, which are essential for many families with infants. Read about setting rates for children here.

Adding availability and prices for cribs

Adding cribs offers flexibility to adjust your room occupancy depending on guest needs and improve family bookings. Cribs are essential for many families with infants, who make up the highest volume of family searches on our platform. Cribs give these families the optimal number of beds and price. 

By adding crib availability and prices in the Policies section, you can improve the visibility of your rooms/units. When a family with an infant searches, your rooms with cribs will be displayed with special tags and a higher ranking. In turn, you’ll have an increased chance of getting more family bookings.

If your property has multiple rooms, this can also optimize your room allocation for different guests on our platform. For example, while smaller rooms with cribs will be a more appealing option for families with infants, larger rooms with extra beds will be available for group bookings. 

To add and set prices for cribs and extra beds:

  1. Log in to the Extranet
  2. Click Property, then Policies
  3. Under Children & extra beds, go to the Extra bed and crib options section and click Edit.
  4. Add the number of cribs and/or extra beds you can provide per room or unit.
  5. Set your prices and age restrictions for cribs. Free cribs will be displayed to guests in the search results.
  6. Preview your policies and click Save.

Note: Information about cribs as room amenities won’t impact the search results, so be sure to add it to Policies. 

Adding prices for extra beds

If you’ve added extra beds to a room or unit, you can adjust the room or unit’s price by following these steps:

  1. Log in to the Extranet
  2. Click Property, then select Policies
  3. In the Children & extra beds section, click Edit under Extra bed & crib options
  4. Add the number of cribs and/or extra beds you’ve added to each room or unit type
  5. Add any price or age restrictions you have, as well as extra bed policies
  6. Click Save

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