Changing a room or unit name

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You can request to update a room or unit to one from our list of standard room and unit names.

Standard room and unit names help keep info clear and consistent for guests across our platform – and in all 43 languages we offer. Research shows that standard room and unit names also help generate more bookings. You can still describe any additional features and special details in the room or unit and property descriptions.

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How to change a room or unit name

To update a room unit name, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Extranet
  2. Click Property, then either Property layout or Room details
  3. Click Edit under the room or unit you’d like to change
  4. Under Room type, select the type of room or unit that this is
  5. Under Room name, select the standard room or unit name that matches it best
  6. Under Custom name, enter a name for this room or unit for your reference
  7. Click Continue

If you want to change the name of a room or unit that has upcoming bookings, contact us via the Extranet inbox. When you send us a message, select Property details as the topic and Room details as the subtopic.

Remember that updating the room or unit type will affect any future reservations. Check the Extranet’s Rates & Availability section to make sure this info is correct.

How we display custom room and unit names

You can create custom names for personal reference to help you manage your rooms, units, and reservations. Only you can see your custom names on the Extranet – travelers don’t see these on our platform.

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