How to upsell your rooms

Updated 6 months ago

To upsell rooms, you can offer your already-confirmed guests the opportunity to upgrade their reservations. This is also known as a “paid upgrade.” In the industry, upselling usually means offering guests access to different rooms with better amenities and facilities.

While upselling rooms can also occur at the time of check-in with reception staff, there’s a greater chance to increase revenue and reduce errors by automating and offering room upgrades to guests before they get to your property.

To help you offer your guests the best of what you have, we’ve developed a purpose-built room upsell feature, available to all our partners as part of the normal commission. The only action required from you as a partner is to add all your rooms to the Extranet.

Here’s why upselling rooms is important

Once you add all your available rooms, we’ll handle the rest:

  • Automate sending of upgrade offers to your guests so they receive your offers when it matters most to them.
  • Help and guide guest decision-making through clear side-by-side comparisons of their current reservations and your upgrade offers, based on your available rooms.
  • Integrate handling of your calendar and availability. That way your rooms are instantly released upon upgrades, so double-bookings can never occur and rooms never get blocked after a successful room upsell.

Of course, room upselling is only possible if you have multiple room types to begin with. If your property fits this description, just add all your rooms to the Extranet to benefit from our room upsell feature.

Add all your rooms now

In more detail, how does the upsell work?

When a guest accepts an upsell offer and their booking is modified, a notification is automatically added to your reservation details page. When expanded, the modification notice explains the details of the change.

Along with a room upsell, there’s no change to the confirmation number, guest details, dates, or number of guests.

Last, automatically sends the guest confirmation of their booking modification when it’s made. 

What types of guest reservations are eligible for an upsell offer?

To enable room upsells, the main criteria are that:

  • The guest must have chosen to pay at the property.
  • The reservation is made on flexible or non-refundable policies where the partner has set a grace period, and the guest accepts the upsell offer within that specific grace period.
  • There’s a higher priced room available in your property, with the same occupancy and bed configuration.

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