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What is the Reply Score?

Updated 2 months ago

Research shows that guests really appreciate quick replies to their requests and messages.

To help you make sure you’re replying to guests in a timely manner, we display a “Reply Score” on the Extranet. You can see your score on the Guest messages section under the Inbox tab, as well as the Performance section of the Home tab.

By answering guests as soon as you can, you’ll improve your Reply Score as well as guests’ overall experience. We’ve also seen that partners with high scores tend to have lower cancellation rates and higher review scores.


How your Reply Score is calculated

You’ll see your Reply Score after receiving your first 10 guest messages.

Updated each day, your Reply Score reflects the percentage of messages you’ve replied to within 24 hours over the last 30 days.  

Note: If you received less than 10 guest messages in the last 30 days, your Reply Score will reflect the percentage of messages you replied to within 24 hours for the last 10 messages received.  


Messages marked as No reply needed within 24 hours are excluded when calculating the Reply Score.


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