How can I send message templates automatically to share important info with guests?

Updated 9 months ago

We added the Template scheduler to the Extranet to help you deliver important info to guests whenever they need it. Find this new feature in the Messaging preferences section of the Property tab.

Instead of manually sending messages to guests in real time, you can automate the process by scheduling existing templates to be sent out in advance.

To make info even more relevant, you can schedule templates to be sent to guests at key stages:

  • When a guest makes a booking
  • On the day of arrival
  • 1 day before arrival
  • 3 days before arrival
  • 1 week before arrival
  • 1 day before departure

Here’s how to set up and schedule message templates for automatic sending:

  1. Learn how to set up message templates if you haven’t already.
  2. Make sure all the language options for each template are grouped under the same template name. This helps us match a guest’s language preference in the automated message.
  3. Select the template you want to schedule and send automatically.
  4. Select the default language of the chosen template.*
  5. Select when you want the template to be sent.

You’ll always be able to keep track of which message templates were sent to guests because they’ll automatically show up in your inbox, both on the Extranet and Pulse app.

*The default language is the one we’ll use if the template isn’t available in the guest’s preferred language. We recommend setting English as the default unless the majority of your guests speak a different language.

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