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What are automatic replies and how do I add message templates to them?

Updated 11 months ago

Automatic replies are standard replies that can be set up to answer guests’ most common questions. This saves you time and creates better experiences for guests.

Currently, automatic replies can be set up for guest requests about parking, check-in/out, and bed types (e.g. double or twin).

You’re always in control of this because you can manage and change your auto-reply settings (and which template to include) in Messaging Preferences, under the Property tab on the Extranet.

When a request is processed using automatic replies, the guest receives an email or a message on the Booking Assistant chat interface confirming whether it׳s approved, rejected or subject to availability. You can set up templates to provide any additional info they might need in each of these cases.

Under Messaging Preferences, you can also set up email notifications any time a guest sends a message, including auto-reply requests.

Plus, you can check which messages have been automatically answered in your Extranet inbox or on the Pulse app.

Tip: Instead of manually sending templates to guests in real time, you can schedule templates to be sent to guests automatically and share important info whenever you want.

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