Managing group reservations

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Group reservations let travelers book for large groups at your property. It's a chance for more bookings and higher revenue, but there are important things to keep in mind.

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Who is eligible?

You qualify for group reservations if your property has more than three rooms/units and you have the policy enabled on the Extranet.

You can join by creating a new group policy and leave any time by selecting “No” in the Extranet’s policies section. This will delete all existing group policies.

You can set up a group policy for whenever a reservation is made with more than the number of rooms you specify in the policy settings. The settings can be set for more than 2 rooms and up to more than 10 rooms.

Setting up group reservations

To enable group bookings, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Extranet
  2. Under Property, select Policies.
  3. Select Other policies, then Group Reservations and Edit.
  4. Select Yes to offer a group policy.

Once you’ve enabled the group policy, it will appear under House Rules when booking your property. Guests will be notified during the transaction that special terms and conditions apply, and they’ll see the following message:

“When booking more than [# rooms you choose for group reservations] rooms, different policies and additional supplements may apply.”

This disclaimer won’t contain any additional information – you should reach out to the guest to inform them about the terms and conditions. These include the pre-payment policy, the cancellation deadline for the reservation, and any cancellation charges.

If the guest doesn’t respond, you can choose to either keep the reservation, contact customer service to reach out to the guest, or request to cancel the reservation.

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