Managing guest reservations

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As soon as you set your property to open/bookable on the Extranet, potential guests can start making reservations with you. To keep your occupancy up and plan ahead effectively, it’s important to stay on top of your bookings. 

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Receiving a reservation

It’s key to load your availability in our system so potential guests can see when they can stay at your property. When a guest books your property, we confirm their reservation by email, and you’ll get an email and notification on the Pulse app. Remember, you won’t be able to reject their reservation

The availability of that room or unit will then be automatically updated in our system and will no longer be visible on our platform.

Keeping track of reservations

To effectively plan for the guests you can expect at your property, it’s possible to see an overview of all your bookings. Find them under the Extranet’s Reservations tab or on the Pulse app.

You can also keep track of bookings by setting up alerts on the Extranet or Pulse.

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