Understanding, detecting, and reporting fake reservations

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You may suspect fraudulent behavior or fake bookings made for your property. We have teams dedicated to creating, maintaining, and improving controls to mitigate and prevent fraudulent bookings. 

You can take measures to protect your business and we’ll explain below how to report a potentially fraudulent booking.

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How to identify fraudulent bookings

Fraudulent bookings are created with zero intent to stay or pay. They can also be characterized as bookings seeking to obtain marketing rewards or attempt phishing, but these motivations vary and evolve over time.

Signs of potentially fraudulent bookings to look out for:

  • Bookings attempted with invalid credit card
  • Last-minute bookings
  • If you have more than one property, and have an abnormally large number of multiple bookings at the same property
  • Multiple bookings for same stay dates (perfectly overlapping bookings) 
  • Multiple bookings made in rapid succession
  • Bookings with an unusually high number of rooms
  • Bookings with an unusually long length of stay
  • Adjustments to the booking shortly after the booking was created
  • A guest is sending links (phishing)
  • A guest is trying to move communication outside of Booking.com platforms

What we do to protect you and how to report fraudulent bookings

In order to minimize the impact on our partners, we’re continuously working on preventing and detecting fake reservations. We have dedicated teams monitoring fraud, using models and techniques that are constantly updated to catch the latest fraud trends. These updates are based on internal and external input – therefore, we highly recommend reporting fraudulent bookings.

Despite all our efforts, you might still have to report a fraudulent booking. Here’s how to report them: 

  1. Log in to the Extranet
  2. Click Inbox, then select Booking.com Messages
  3. Click See contact options
  4. Select the topic Account and the subtopic Other
  5. Click See all contact options
  6. Click Message
  7. Write your message and click Send message

The Other subtopic allows you to report fake or fraudulent bookings.

If you reach out to Customer Service to report a suspected fake booking, we won’t be able to cancel it immediately because we need a specialized team to investigate it first. However, we do prioritize these requests, and bookings that are found to be fraudulent will be canceled quickly. 

What you can do to prevent future fraud

To protect yourself from fraudulent bookings, consider these steps:


Also consider these actions:

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