Handling cancelations and guests cancelation requests

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If a guest requests the cancelation of a booking, you can inform us either via the extranet or the Pulse app. By doing so, you avoid paying commission for the canceled booking. Read more about conditions of initiating a cancelation request and troubleshooting cancelations below.

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Conditions of canceling a reservation

Depending on your policies, a guest may be able to cancel their booking using a link in their confirmation email or via their Booking.com guest account. In some cases, you’re able to initiate a cancelation request if a guest asks you to do so, or, for example, if there are issues with guest payments. See below more scenarios:

Read more below to find out how to cancel a booking upon guests’ request. 

Canceling a reservation via the extranet

If you are contacted by a guest to cancel a reservation, follow these steps to inform us of a cancelation via the extranet:

  1. Log in to the extranet
  2. Click on Reservations
  3. Select the reservation you wish to cancel 
  4. Click on Request to cancel reservation
  5. Select a reason for the cancelation
  6. Click Send

Your guest will receive an email with the cancelation request. The reservation will remain active until they have accepted the request. Once your guest has accepted the request, you and the guest will receive a cancelation email. 

Canceling a reservation using the Pulse app

Follow these steps to inform us of a cancelation using Pulse:

  1. Log in to the Pulse app on your phone
  2. Click Bookings
  3. Select the reservation you wish to cancel
  4. Click Request to cancel reservation
  5. Select a reason for the cancelation
  6. Click Send request

You and your guest will receive an email informing you that the reservation will be canceled. The reservation remains valid until the guest has confirmed the cancelation.

You can also suggest a date modification to your guests, in order to allow them to keep their booking and for you to keep your reservation. For more information on this feature, you can follow this link.

What are the consequences of canceling a booking for your guest? 

We charge commission for reservations made on our platform, including commission on fees charged on cancelation and /or no-show fees you’ve set for your reservations. We do not charge commission if you choose to waive any cancelation or no-show fees owed by the guest. 

When you use the “Request to cancel a reservation” feature, the reservation will be canceled free of charge. In case cancelation fee applies, guests have to contact the Booking.com customer service or manage their reservation directly via the booking confirmation of their account.

In case of cancelations, if you want to ensure your availability is updated in a timely manner, you can use the auto-replenishment feature which ensures that when a reservation is canceled, you can automatically make the canceled room or unit available to be booked again by other potential guests.


Looking for more information on handling cancelation fees and commission? 

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Troubleshooting cancelations FAQs​​​​​​​

  • Cancelation requests can be submitted up to 48 hrs before guest check-in date via extranet or Pulse. If the guest asks you to cancel the reservation within the 48 hr period prior to their arrival, please inform the guest that you can’t handle the request on their behalf and advise them to contact CS. 

    If the request to cancel is made after midnight on the check in date, then you can use the Report the no show feature on the extranet (a cancelation) and charge any set no-show fees.

  • If you have unforeseen issues and cannot accommodate the guest,  you must report this to customer service, who will support with the cancelation request and relocation of the guest if applicable.

  • In the case you have trouble receiving the deposit or prepayment fee and have already requested payment from the guest and they failed to provide it and you wish to cancel the reservation, you can use the Request to cancel reservation feature via your extranet Inbox, mentioned above. 

    In case you have trouble collecting unpaid prepayments and wish to keep the reservation, you can mark the credit card as invalid

    In case you are on Payments by Booking.com, if you receive a cancelation, no-show or modification – and you’re owed money – we’ll send you an email with updated virtual credit card (VCC) details. Read more on setting up deposit, prepayment policies and fees.

  • You can report invalid credit cards in the extranet or Pulse app. Read more about handling invalid credit cards.

  • For guest misbehavior past the check in date, you can use the Report guest misconduct feature on the extranet to report the issue. This can be done from the day after check in up to 7 days after checkout.

  • Setting up cancelation policies allows you to let guests know what to expect if they cancel or change their booking. It can also help protect you from a potential loss of income. Read more about setting up cancelation policies.

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