How do I set up and work with cancellation policies?

Updated 2 months ago

By setting up cancellation policies, you can let guests know what to expect if they cancel or change their booking – and protect yourself from a potential loss of income. There are two simple things you can do to handle cancellations in a way that suits your business:

Add or change cancellation policies

  1. Click the Extranet’s Property tab and select Policies.

  2. Click the Edit button of the policy you’d like to adjust.

  3. Adjust the settings of the policy:

    • You can specify if there’s a period when free cancellation is possible, as well as its permitted time frame before a guest arrives.

    • You can also specify how much the guest will be charged if they cancel or no-show.

  4. Remember to click Save when you’re done. This setting will apply to future bookings.

Add or change cancellation policies for specific rates

After creating a new policy, you need to connect it to a rate for it to be activated on your page:  

  1. Go to the Rates and Availability tab.

  2. Click Rate Plans, then Edit under the rate you want to attach the new policy to.

  3. Under Which policy? select the new policy you created.

  4. Click Review to double-check the info is accurate.

  5. Click Activate Rate Category or Activate Rate Plan to finalize it.



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