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If I want to waive cancellation fees, how can I do it?

Updated 11 months ago

Even if a guest has booked a non-refundable rate, they may request to cancel this free of charge.

You can use the Cancellation Fee Exceptions tool to automatically allow free cancellation if a request comes during a certain period (e.g. within 24 hours of a reservation being made).

If you haven’t set up this tool, and/or if the guest contacts us to request a cancellation after the set time period expires, our Customer Service team will contact you to see if you agree to waive the fee.

That’s because, even though we always explain the booking conditions to guests, waiving fees is a friendly gesture that can prevent complaints and bring satisfied guests your way in the future.

However, the decision to use the Cancellation Fee Exceptions tool, and whether or not you agree to waive fees for cancellation requests, is completely up to you.

Note: In the case of non-refundable and partially refundable reservations*, you’ll be charged commission on any cancellation fees received.

*Non-refundable and partially refundable reservations are all bookings in which the guest is obligated to pay a specified, non-refundable amount (full or partial reservation cost), even if they don't end up staying at your property.

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