Modifying reservation dates after check-in

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It’s possible to change reservation dates and modify things like price and length of stay after a guest has checked in. You can do this via the Extranet or Pulse app for all reservations except Smart Flex reservations and reservations on Payments by There are several conditions for changing reservation dates in the post-check-in stage. Find out more about these conditions below and see how to change reservation dates as well as pricing.

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Conditions for changing reservation dates

You can change reservation dates once a guest checks in. It’s possible to update multiple reservation dates in a row, but each new modification can only be done from the date of check-in.

  • Payment wasn’t managed by Payments by
  • The reservation isn’t marked as a double-booking
  • The reservation wasn’t canceled
  • You can change the check-in date to one before the initial check-in date
  • The price can be changed manually

How to change reservation dates after check-in

You can change the date and price of a reservation after check-in without guest approval. Keep in mind, we don’t check your calendar for availability. You can select any date in your calendar, even if our system shows there’s no availability.

Follow these steps to change a reservation date that passed:

  1. Log in to the Extranet or Pulse app
  2. Click Reservations and select the reservation you want to modify
  3. Under Update this reservation, select Change reservation dates & prices
  4. Under Select new dates, add the new check-in and check-out dates 
  5. Click Check availability & change prices to manually enter the new reservation price, then click Next to continue
  6. Click Save to finalize

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