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How do I stop guests from booking reservations and arriving on the same day?

Updated 2 years ago

There are many reasons why you wouldn't want to get same-day reservations, which is when a guest books and arrives on the same day. To avoid them, add a "Minimum advance reservation" restriction to your rate plans. Once you set this up, your property will only appear in search results when a guest's criteria matches your condition(s).

You’ll see different options below. Check which of the screenshots matches what you see on the Extranet, then follow the appropriate steps.


Option 1: List view calendar

If you use the List view calendar, follow these steps to set up a "Minimum advance reservation" restriction:

  1. Log in to the Extranet and click Calendar under the Rates & Availability tab.
  2. Above the calendar, click the white Restrictions checkbox to display all your room restriction options.
  3. Under the appropriate date and room, click the white cell opposite from Minimum advance reservation. To avoid same-day reservations, enter "1D" (i.e. one day).
  4. To set this restriction for multiple dates at once, click a cell and drag the blue circles left or right to cover the days you’d like to apply the restriction to. Enter "1D" and click Save
  5. To set these restrictions for more than a month ahead: Click the Bulk edit button beneath your room type/unit name. A panel will appear on the right side of your screen. Select the dates you want to change your restrictions for, then click the Restrictions box. Choose a rate and restriction, and add a value in the white box below the selected restriction. Click Save changes when you're done.

Option 2: Monthly view calendar

If you use the Monthly view calendar, follow these steps to set up a "Minimum advance reservation" restriction:

  1. Under the Rates & Availability tab, click Calendar (or the relevant room name).
  2. Click a date, or select multiple dates by dragging the blue circles left or right.
  3. In the panel to the right of the calendar, click Restrictions under the relevant rate.
  4. Under Minimum advance reservation, choose 1 day from the drop-down menu.
  5. Click Done when you’re finished.

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