Setting guest requirements for bookings

Updated 2 years ago | 1.5 min read

To make sure you receive real bookings from real people, it’s possible to set up specific requirements for guests making reservations. You can set up your property to only accept reservations from bookers with a verified phone number and/or home address.

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How to set up guest requirements

To give you more control over who can make bookings for your property, you can add additional guest requirements on the Extranet by following a few simple steps. 

  1. Log in to the Extranet
  2. Under the Property tab, click Policies
  3. Click Edit under Guest info to select whether a guest needs to provide a phone number or home address in order to book
  4. Finalize your changes by clicking Save

Other guest requirements

We also have other restrictions in place to prevent fraudulent bookings. Travelers must provide a valid email address and—depending on how they pay—also their credit card info. For guests who’ve previously booked accommodations on our platform, they also need a good track record (e.g. have no reports against them or be banned from any properties).


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