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Temporary changes to help you manage Date Modifications

Updated 1 day ago

Due to the unprecedented level of disruption caused by current travel restrictions, there has been a large increase in the number of cancellation and date modification requests (from those both affected and not affected by Forced Circumstances).

Managing these requests has imposed a large workload on our partners. As a result, we’ve decided to temporarily introduce the ability for partners to carry out pre-stay date modifications themselves – without having to contact our customer support team.

We hope these efforts will help you preserve reservations, help guests keep their bookings, and make the date change process much easier for you to manage during this difficult time.

How does it work?

  1. If a guest contacts you to cancel or modify a booking, you’ll now have the option to process a date modification for them.
  2. To modify the dates of a booking, sign in to the Extranet, navigate to the reservation details page of the booking you want to modify, and click “Change Reservation Dates” in the right-hand corner. Note: If you have no availability set in your calendar for the future dates, we’ll automatically open availability to handle the date change. You can also do this in Pulse.
  3. The guest will receive a confirmation email detailing the changes.

What important details do I need to know?

Keep the following details in mind:

  • Unlike date modifications that you make in-stay, you won’t be able to change the price or duration for pre-stay modifications.
  • Date modifications will be available for all reservations. However, for reservations where the payment was processed by, you’ll only be able to move the check-in date of the reservation forward from the original date. For all other reservations, you can move the check-in date to any other that hasn’t already passed.
  • For reservations affected by Forced Circumstances, if the dates of the reservation are changed to a period after the cut-off date for Forced Circumstances, the reservation will no longer be subject to FC conditions. As a result, the guest’s original cancellation policy will apply.

Availability and eligibility

The functionality is available for all partners. Sign in to the Extranet or Pulse to get started.

Use this feature as it’s intended to help guests change their dates when requested. If a guest receives a date modification that they didn’t request, the partner might not be able to use the feature any longer.

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