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We're always here to help with any questions that come up through a variety of communication channels. Follow the steps below to get all the answers you need.

Get help from fellow partners on the Partner Community

The Partner Community is a dedicated space for you to reach out to other partners, ask for advice, and get tips that can help grow your business. We currently have two communities, one for English speakers and one for Italian speakers.

Ask another partner

Take a look at Partner Help

We created this Help site with you and your questions in mind. Our articles cover the topics most relevant to partners – and we're constantly updating them based on your feedback.

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Send a note

Have a specific question about the Extranet, reservations, Pulse app, or any of our other products?

Send us a message through either the Extranet Inbox tab, or under the More tab of the Pulse app. We'll try to get back to you within 24 hours although waiting times may vary. Get even quicker answers by using the right subject for your message.

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For any urgent questions, call the dedicated phone number* found under the Extranet's Inbox tab.

For more general info, contact one of our main lines for help.

If you can't log on to the Extranet, contact one of our teams using this directory.

Have a specific financial question?

Call the dedicated finance phone number* in the Financial Overview section under the Extranet's Finance tab. Remember our finance team is only available during business hours, Monday to Friday.

*These phone lines are only available to current partners of, which is why we share them privately.