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Do I need to add photos when I'm registering?

Updated 8 months ago

When you’re registering your property on, you’ll need to add at least one photo to get started.

After you’ve fully registered and gone live on the site, you’ll be able to add the rest of your photos, pick a main photo, and add photos to your rooms and units.

What kinds of photos can I add?

You can take photos of your property on your smartphone or digital camera. Just click Upload to add them to your profile. Remember, the higher the resolution the better. The minimum resolution we can show on the website is 840 x 460 pixels.

If you see a warning sign

There’s an issue with one or more of your photos (click the sign to read the message). The issue could be:

  • The resolution is too low
  • The photo isn’t the correct size
  • Duplicates: If you accidentally upload two pictures that are the same, you’ll see an error message. Delete either the newly uploaded photo (by selecting Dismiss on the error message) or the original if you’re trying to replace it.

You can change your main photos by dragging and dropping your chosen photo to be the first in the gallery. You can use the same action to rearrange the rest of your photos.

Tips for photo-taking

The larger and higher quality your photos are, the better. Landscape shots show better on the website. Use natural light and avoid a flash. Take photos from a steady height of around 5 feet.

Check out our photo guide here


After you’ve registered, you can label (“tag”) your photos on the Extranet to show which part of the property they belong to.

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