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How does work for property owners?

Updated 2 years ago

Are you interested in becoming a partner and adding your hotel, property or vacation rental to the almost 29 million listings already live on our platform? Great! Here’s how the business model works: BV (“”) provides online reservation services. We act as an intermediary (agent) between guests who want to make an accommodation reservation and your hotel, property or temporary/vacation rental. This type of business model is also known as an "agency model."

It’s important to remember that the agreement is made directly between you and the guest. Unlike other accommodation reservation websites, is not a contracting party in the transaction between your property and the guest. That way, you have full control over your rates and availability, and can offer guests more transparency on your house rules, policies, and overall offerings.

The guest pays the reservation rate to you after their stay, or earlier in the case of a non-refundable booking. You have an agreement with for using the online reservation platform and have to pay a set commission amount on all confirmed stays, non-refundable reservations, and partially refundable reservations made on our platform. Each month, you receive an invoice detailing how much commission is due.

We don't add anything to your prices. Unlike other platforms that charge guests extra fees, the price you set is the price we display on And you only pay if we generate business for you – there are no added sign-up or listing costs.

Note: When a guest makes a booking through the platform, their reservation is confirmed immediately. In general, you can't reject a reservation, except for certain situations.

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