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Updated 3 weeks ago

As vaccination programs start rolling out, travel is once again becoming possible in some parts of the country. To help stimulate demand and encourage people to book with you, we launched our Welcome Back America campaign on April 5, 2021. This campaign offers travelers in the US the opportunity to receive a $50 travel reward after their stay when booking on our app. You can use the solutions in this article to maximize your property’s visibility and appeal to potential guests.

For more info on the promotion restrictions and limitations that apply to travelers, visit the campaign landing page.

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Optimizing your availability

To make sure you’re best positioned to capture the demand this campaign creates, it’s important to have enough availability loaded in your calendar. Take a look at this guide to learn more about optimizing availability.

If you’re eligible, you can also see certain demand data for your market for the past 14 days. This lets you set up tailored promotions and policies that can help you get more bookings. You can learn more about demand data in this article.

We’re also expecting to see families with children looking to travel this summer. By adding the right rates and policies and by configuring the right occupancy, you can increase the likelihood of families booking your property by up to 15%. Set up rates for children here.

Adding flexible policies

The current unpredictability of travel restrictions has people overwhelmingly opting for flexible rates. The majority of travelers consider free cancellation a must. That means offering travelers flexibility is an essential part of standing out to potential guests.

Our Flexible – 1 Day policy makes it easy to enhance your existing Rate Plans with multiple free cancellation policies, letting guests cancel for free up to one day before check-in. Take a look at this article for more info on how to convert your Rate Plans to a Flexible – 1 Day policy.

Making use of targeted rates

A great way to make sure you’re visible to a particular group of travelers is to offer them a special rate. We’re only offering the Welcome Back America $50 travel reward to travelers booking on our mobile app, so setting up a targeted Mobile Rate can help you get more bookings. 

Welcome Back America is only available to travelers in the US, so setting up a targeted Country Rate can help convert more of these searches into bookings – on average by 26%. Visit the Extranet to set up a Country Rate to target domestic travelers and guests from specific regions.

Leveraging the Genius program

Level 1 of our Genius program now extends to all travelers with an account on our platform. Because the Welcome Back America travel reward is only accessible to travelers with an account, joining Genius can help you attract extra demand stimulated by the campaign. On average, partners who join Genius increase their bookings by 29% and their revenue by 24% (after accounting for the Genius discount). Read this article to learn more about the Genius program.


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