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What’s the Minimal Cleanliness Score Commitment?

Updated 1 year ago

Together with our partners, we strive to create unforgettable experiences for travelers around the world. An important part of this is guaranteeing a certain level of hospitality and hygiene for anyone who books accommodation through our platform. That’s why we’re asking partners to commit to a Minimal Cleanliness Score of 6 out of 10.

Why is my cleanliness score important?

Your property’s cleanliness score is an average of the cleanliness review scores you receive from all your guests. It’s an indicator of the comfort you provide guests, which is why we require all our partners to score at least a 6 on cleanliness. A property that’s doesn’t meet these cleanliness standards will be notified and put on a warning list.

The aim of the warning list is to inform and support you to improve your cleanliness score. If your property is put on the list, you’ll see a banner on the Extranet inviting you to commit to the Minimal Cleanliness Score.

  • If you click I will commit to improving my cleanliness score, you’ll have until May 4, 2021 to make sure you give guests a better cleanliness experience and earn better reviews that raise your cleanliness score to a 6 or higher.
  • If you click I won’t commit to improving my cleanliness score on the banner, we’ll remove your property from our platform. This is in accordance with our General Delivery Terms, which give us the right to restrict or suspend properties for repeated poor ratings or reviews.
  • If you don’t respond to the banner on the Extranet, your property will be deranked in our search results. This means a significant loss in visibility to guests, which may result in fewer bookings.

What happens next?

During the six-month probation period, we’ll be monitoring guest feedback for clear proof of cleanliness improvements. Once your new cleanliness score reaches an average of 6, we’ll remove your property from the warning list.

If it doesn’t improve to at least 6, we’ll remove your property from our platform. We might make an exception if you don’t receive enough reviews in those six months. In that case, we’ll give you an additional grace period of three months if you qualify.

How do I start improving my cleanliness score?

If your property is on the warning list, first you’ll need to commit to our Minimal Cleanliness Score to avoid losing visibility in search results. You can do this via the banner on the Extranet.

Once you commit, we have plenty of resources to support you to improve your cleanliness standards and earn higher guest review scores. Here are a few places you can start:

  • Download the Blue Fresh Start checklists

    The property care experts at Properly have created a custom series of educational checklists—the Blue Fresh Start—based on industry best practices and a study of low cleanliness reviews from guests on our platform. The Blue Fresh Start has more than 20 cleaning checklists, straightforward and actionable guides for improving guests’ experiences.

    Download the Blue Fresh Start checklists

  • Start using Properly

    The Properly app can make it simpler and easier for you to improve your cleanliness score. You can use it to hire cleaners, provide them checklists, monitor and verify cleanings through real-time photos, improve billing and management processes, and much more.

    Learn more about Properly

  • Visit the Partner Hub

    You can find detailed info on keeping your property safe and clean. We also have additional resources specifically tailored to hygiene during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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