Meet our new Booking Heroes

We recognize partners who go above and beyond for their guests – check out three incredible true stories of partner heroism.




The Around the World Bed and Breakfast was just a one-night pit stop for Kim and Jim – until there was an emergency…


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The night before her wedding, Charissa told the two receptionists at the Acacia Beach Hotel she didn’t want a simple affair after all. She couldn’t believe what happened next… 


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New Zealand

Emily and Fred were worried about taking their baby away from home for his first Christmas – until they opened their apartment door at The Tower Suite… 


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When guests become family

When Jim was rushed to hospital in the middle of the night, his wife, Kim, didn’t know what to do. But they were in luck – B&B owners Corrado and Angela took Kim in like family and made sure the couple didn't face the crisis alone.



Two receptionists-turned-wedding planners

The night before her wedding, Charissa suddenly decided she wanted something more for her special day. But it was too late to change anything, wasn’t it? Receptionists Faith and Ferister had other ideas.



An unforgettable first Christmas

As Emily and Fred left for a vacation in New Zealand, they worried they'd made a mistake by taking their new baby abroad for his first Christmas. But apartment owner Sarah made sure they had a memorable Christmas.





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Check out the bigger story 

We checked in with our three winning partners to find out how being recognized as Booking Heroes has changed their journeys as partners. Discover what motivates them to go above and beyond.


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