I’m worried about not being able to approve bookings


You may be used to working with platforms that ask you to approve or reject every booking you get, so the idea of instant bookings might feel like a loss of control.


We use instant bookings because we believe it’s quicker, easier, and more efficient for everyone involved.


Guests love it

Let’s start with guests. These days, people who shop online are used to immediate results, whether grabbing a taxi, getting a new TV, or booking their vacation.


This is the direction the accommodations market is heading towards, too. A few years ago, some other OTAs didn’t offer instant bookings at all, but found most guests didn’t like the idea of waiting for confirmation after booking. As a result, they’ve now adapted to customers’ preferences by introducing instant bookings.


It saves you time on admin work

Instant bookings eliminate an entire phase of admin work. Every time a booking comes in, you know it’s locked down. You won’t have to initiate a conversation with your guest or click through a confirmation process. That way you save time and end up with more bookings.


Technology can help you manage availability

As long as your calendar is updated, you shouldn’t have any issues with double-bookings. To help you stay on top of your availability, we’ve added the option of syncing your Booking.com calendar with your other ones. And if you promote your property on a lot of other websites, a channel manager can help you manage availability even more easily, eliminating double-bookings altogether.


Use messaging tools to make a connection with guests

You might be worried that, with instant bookings, you’ll miss out on the chance to start a conversation with your guests. We know adding that personal touch is really important for many hosts. Since we’re occasionally guests ourselves, we know how valuable that can be. Instant bookings don’t need to eliminate that interaction, though. In fact, we’ve put a lot of effort into making sure you have easy and efficient ways of chatting with guests through the Booking.com system.


Set a damage deposit to protect yourself

One concern some hosts express is that instant bookings take away the chance to vet potential guests. We know having that safety net can be very reassuring, which is totally understandable.


Through the Booking.com Extranet, you can share your House Rules with upcoming guests so they know exactly what you do and don’t allow. If you’re worried about damage to your property, you can charge your guests a damage deposit before they arrive – just make it clear in you listing’s policies. That way you’re covered in the rare case that something goes wrong. 


We’re constantly monitoring suspicious booking behavior

We do a lot of behind-the-scenes work to identify and block bookers with a history of misconduct, using advanced algorithms to monitor suspicious behavior 24/7. These rare cases are getting even rarer as our processes become more and more efficient.


We know changing your way of working can seem daunting, and that you might have concerns about what instant bookings would mean for your business. But the change won’t be as big as it might seem. You don’t have to lose the personal touch with your guests or work any harder to avoid double-bookings. Plus there are plenty of measures you can put in place to protect yourself against unwanted guests.


Overall, instant bookings should lead to a better experience for your guests and less work for you.


Sowing the seeds of success

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