Managing guest-related tasks

Learn how to manage guest-related tasks, such as payments, cancellations, and policies with confidence and ease.

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This section explains the payment options on our platform, along with essential policies that give you control over your listing. We'll also talk about guest cancellations and no-shows, and share tips to reduce their impact. By following our advice, you can manage guest-related tasks with confidence and ease.

Choosing a guest payment method

When your guests book a stay at your property, you have the option of offering them different payment methods, such as paying online, directly at your property, or both. How you get paid by your guests depends on the options and policies you set up during the registration process, which you can do under the Extranet’s Finance tab.

Payments by

Depending on your property’s location, you may be eligible for Payments by With Payments by, we can facilitate guests’ payments for you. You’ll receive guaranteed payouts by bank transfer for all your reservations (depending on your property’s reservation policy).

Bank transfer payout timing depends on your property's location. Payouts may be temporarily blocked until your property’s location is verified and you’ve provided all tax-related info.

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To find out if you qualify for Payments by, look for either the Payments by or Online Payments page under the Extranet’s finance tab.

Additional benefits of Payments by

As a global platform, caters to guests from around the world. By using's payment options, you can enjoy additional benefits, including:

  • More ways for your guests to pay: To make it easier for guests from any country to book your property, we partner with payment providers worldwide.
  • Fewer cancellations: Guests who choose to pay online at the time of booking are less likely to cancel compared to those who pay at the property.
  • Fraud and card protection: We securely facilitate all aspects of the payment process on your behalf, including invalid credit cards, chargebacks, and fraudulent bookings.


Managing guest payments on your own

If you’d prefer to handle guest payments yourself or aren’t eligible for Payments by yet, you’ll be responsible for handling all aspects of the payment process including any fees.

  • If you accept credit cards, you can either charge your guest before arrival or upon arrival/departure, depending on their reservation policy.
  • If you don’t accept credit cards, your guest can pay upon arrival or departure in your local currency. If you want to charge a prepayment or damage deposit, you’ll need to contact the guest to decide on a payment deadline and arrange it yourself.
Online payment

Payments FAQs

Want to learn more about how payments work? Read the FAQs in this article.

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Managing cancellations and no-shows

When a guest cancels their booking, your cancellation policy will determine whether they need to pay a cancellation fee. While offering free cancellation options can attract more guests, it's also important to minimize the impact of cancellations and no-shows on your business.

If you decide to waive the fee for a guest who doesn't show up, mark their reservation as a no-show within 48 hours of their scheduled check-out date. This simple step will ensure that you won't be charged commission for the booking. employee

Non-refundable policies mean guests won’t get any money back if they cancel, but you can choose to partially refund a booking if it's canceled after a specific period. It's important to set clear and fair policies that work for both you and your guests.


Best practices for cancellations and no-shows

To minimize the impact of cancellations and no-shows on your business, there are a number of policies and practices you can implement. Here are some best practices recommended by

  • Let us find a replacement guest: We can make your unbooked units more attractive by offering guests additional free cancellation options with our Smart Flex Reservations program. If they cancel, we'll find a replacement guest for you or compensate you for the cancellation cost for the remaining unbookable nights.
  • Review your policies and rates: Consider tightening up your cancellation policies during time periods when the most cancellations occur. You could also offer an attractive rate to find new guests at the last minute.
  • Diversify rate plans: Set up diverse Rate Plans on the Extranet with a mix of Early-Booker, Non-Refundable, and Flexible options. By offering more choice to potential guests, you can get more bookings and reduce cancellations while securing revenue from Non-Refundable rates.
  • Resell your units: The earlier a canceled unit is made available again, the more likely it will sell. Consider turning on auto-replenishment for your units, because that will automatically make them available after a cancellation.
  • Be responsive: Install the Pulse app for on-the-go messaging and set up message templates to address commonly asked questions. Guests who have questions after booking and receive timely responses are less likely to cancel and book somewhere else.

Deposit and prepayment policies

To help you strike a balance between protecting your interests and staying flexible for your guests, you can set up deposit and prepayment policies. These policies let guests know if they need to make any payments before their stay and when they’ll be charged.

Unexpected situations may arise that prevent a guest from following through with their booking, so offering flexibility can contribute to a more positive guest experience and lead to better reviews.

How to report guest misconduct

In the unlikely event you have a bad experience with a guest, we’re here to help. You can report any incidents to via the Extranet or the Pulse app through the Report guest misconduct feature.

Reports can only be submitted if the guest misconduct matches one of the scenarios provided in the report tool. You can do this anytime from check-in to seven days after check-out. 

Before you continue…

Before we move on to the next step, we want to assure you that the security of your revenue and property is our top priority.

  • With our Payments by service, we facilitate guest payments according to your preferred policy, providing you with fraud protection, fewer cancellations, and guaranteed payouts.
  • We also offer a variety of options and products to help you minimize the risk and impact of cancellations while making your property more attractive to potential guests. For example, if you’re already using Payments by, you get immediate access to Smart Flex Reservations.


  • offers different payment methods for guests, including online payments, virtual credit cards, and cash payments. Online payments are the most common and secure method where guests pay through and the property receives the funds.

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  • Payments by facilitates all guest payments for you according to your preferred policy. Depending on your property’s payment settings, you’ll receive payouts by bank transfer for all your reservations made on our platform. Note: Your eligibility for Payments by depends on several factors, such as your property’s location.

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  • If you aren’t using Payments by or are located outside of the EEA*, follow these steps to access a guest's credit card details on the Extranet: Log in, go to Reservations, select the guest's name or reservation number, then click View credit card details.

    If you’re using Payments by in the EEA*, you won't need to validate credit cards yourself and will automatically benefit from our new card validation and fee collection solution.

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    *Countries where mediation is provided by Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

  • Once a guest makes a booking, it can’t be rejected. Guests may be able to cancel through a link in their confirmation email or their Booking account, depending on policies.

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  • To set cancellation policies for a property on, go to the Extranet’s Property tab, then “Cancellation and prepayment policies” under the Policies section. Choose a policy from the options provided or create a custom one, then make sure to review and save the changes before they go into effect.

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  • To cancel a reservation free of charge after a guest request, log in to the Extranet, select the reservation under the Reservations tab, click "Request to cancel reservation," select a reason, and click “Send.” Once the guest accepts, you and the guest will receive a cancellation email. If a cancellation fee applies, guests have to manage their reservation directly via the booking confirmation or their account.

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  • charges commission for confirmed stays. However, commission isn’t charged if you waive the cancellation fee for partially refundable and non-refundable bookings, if the guest doesn't arrive and the no-show fee is waived, or the guest’s credit card is invalid.

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  • A prepayment policy requires guests to pay a portion or all of the total reservation cost in advance. To set it up on, go to the Extranet’s Property tab, select Policies, then edit your "Cancellation and prepayment policies" settings.

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  • offers two damage policy options for hosts: a deposit collected directly by the partner or a damage program facilitated by, which manages the payment process and contacts guests about damages.

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  • If a guest behaves inappropriately or engages in misconduct at your property, you should report it immediately to's customer service team.

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Providing great guest experiences

Increase your positive reviews and future bookings by providing a great guest experience before, during, and after their stay.

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