Managing cancellations effectively

We canʼt prevent cancellations completely, but we can help you control certain scenarios, minimize their business impact, and ultimately secure more income.

We listened to your feedback and put together some tips on using our solutions to reduce your workload, costs, and the risk of ending up with empty rooms.

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Scenario 1: Your cancellation rate is higher than that of similar properties in your area 

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Scenario 2: You’re losing income because of last-minute cancellations and no-shows

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Scenario 1: Your cancellation rate is higher than similar properties in your area


If the "Cancellation characteristics" report on the Extranet says your property has a higher-than-average cancellation rate, here are some suggestions to help you reverse that trend:


Check your own cancellation rate





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Note: Your ‘Cancellation characteristics’ report shows the percentage of cancelled bookings. Your ‘Opportunity Centre’ shows the proportion between the monetary value of cancellations and bookings received in the last 30 days. So you may notice a difference between the two values.

Our advice Solutions
• Offer a mix of rates and policies—discounted, non-refundable, flexible—to appeal to all kinds of guests. Rate plans

• For non-refundable rates, verify credit cards up front, pre-authorize a small amount, or request a prepayment.

• Manage and minimize your risk for all rates and policies.


and prepayment policies


• Offer multiple payment options—including the option to online—to increase your chances of securing revenue. Online Payments


• Use message templates and the Pulse app to reply to guests quickly, ease doubts, and reduce cancellation risks.

Messaging tools



• Check your "Cancellation characteristics" report on the Extranet regularly to track your progress. Cancellations report



Scenario 2: You’re losing income on last-minute cancellations and no-shows

We know last-minute cancellations and no-shows can be especially harmful to your business, and leave you without the time or resources to recover your lost income. Here are some suggestions to help you avoid these situations*.

*For properties and/or markets that can offer non-refundable policies

Our advice Solutions
• Set up prepayment or deposit policies to secure revenue up front, or pre-authorize the cost of the first night to reduce no-shows. Cancellation and prepayment policies

• See how far ahead guests book in your cancellation report, then add attractive rates and less flexible policies for book windows that are canceled most.

• Only accept cash? Add non-refundable rates and a deposit policy to minimize reservations from indecisive bookers.
Rate plans

Reduce cancellationsʼ impact on your revenue – let us resell rooms for you:


• Ask for a replacement guest, and weʼll give your canceled room a marketing push for up to 24 hours. (Requires you to offer flexible cancellations)


• Sign up for Risk-Free Reservations and weʼll try to resell your canceled room, guaranteeing you payment either way. (Requires you to have a prepayment policy and meet eligibility criteria)



Ask for a replacement guest


Risk-free reservations



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