Growing Together

Growing Together is our ongoing promise to build a stronger era of partnership. It's a promise to continually support your business and make you feel valued by nurturing a relationship that truly lives up to the word partner.


You asked us to be more transparent and offer more insights to help drive growth for your business.

Helping you make the right business decisions

We promise to share even more tailored advice to help grow your revenue, reduce your workload, and make your guests even happier.


You asked us to tell you more about the different ways we’re investing in our partnership.

Identify the factors that impact your performance

We promise to share more info on what you get out of your partnership with us – from top-class marketing and tech solutions to local teams who know your market inside out.


You asked us to show how much we appreciate your loyalty and hard work.

Booking Heroes: Rewarding our partners who go the extra mile

We promise to express our appreciation more, listen more closely, and show you exactly how we’re acting on your feedback.


You asked for more support in keeping you informed and helping you find ways to connect with each other.

Updates about the coronavirus

We promise to be there for you: To keep you informed, to inspire you, and help you share advice and experiences with one another.

Check out our progress

Let’s look at the previous commitments we made and how we delivered on them.


Get back to business and growth with our Recovery Toolkit

The road to recovery is no small feat, but we're here to support you and your business every step of the way with our Recovery Toolkit. Get informed with our latest advice and insights, designed to help you get more bookings and rebuild your business. We'll continue to update this Toolkit with new resources over the coming months, so stay tuned.


Put a winning pricing strategy in motion with our new Pricing Toolkit

Explore our simplified approach for setting your foundational rate plans, go deeper with portfolio solutions, and learn how our conversion programs help you reach your occupancy goals. We’ll show you how to attract valuable customers when they show up to our platform looking for compelling, competitive, transparent pricing.


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Harnessing our technology to protect your business

At, we care about the protection of you and your business from fraud and cyber threats. That's why we have a dedicated team to ensure the safety of your data, as well as that of our customers. To make it easier for you to identify and report any security concerns, we'll soon be sharing more resources on the Partner Hub.


Learn more about our technology value


Booking Heroes: Rewarding our partners who go above and beyond

Every year, we present our Booking Heroes – partners who’ve shown true heroism to their guests. This year was no different. We look forward to being able to share our Booking Heroes 2020 and show how much we appreciate your contribution to memorable experiences. In the meantime, check out the incredible stories of last year’s winners.


Making it easier to showcase your sustainable practices

It’s now possible to highlight the sustainability efforts at your property directly in the Extranet. You can indicate your progress in 14 different sustainability practices, from the removal of single-use plastics to water usage reduction, all of which can be verified—and then enjoyed—by your guests. We’re also working on a new feature that will allow you to display your sustainability practices directly on your property page.

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