Adjust No show after the arrival date

I just started hosting on Booking.com. For 2 months, guesses booked my place but no one arrived and I didn't check No show. Now i have to pay commission invoices for these 2 months. Can I still adjust or claim for it?

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Terrence - Com… 1 year ago

Hello Vi,

Thank you for your message. 

If your invoice is generated before you are able to make modifications to your property's reservations, we give you a limited amount of times to dispute these. 

Within the Finance tab on the Extranet, click Invoices and then View Statement under the invoice that needs to be corrected. You are then able to "tick" the box under the Dispute column next to the reservation that needs to be adjusted. 

Again, we only give you a certain number of times that you can do this so it's important to reconcile all of your reservations prior to the invoice generating. 

Watch the video - How to avoid future disputes.

I hope this helps.

All the Best,