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How can we change the adress of our location? The adress is not fully correctly


And we are new here, is it possible to let booking take care of all the payments as a private host?

BrookAve 1 year ago


Hi Tim,


  1. Changing Address
    1. Log in to the extranet
    2. Click on Inbox and then click on Booking.com messages
    3. Click on See contact options
    4. Choose Property details as the topic and Other as the subtopic
    5. Click on See all contact options and then click on Message
    6. In the Your message field, enter your new address and the reason for the change
    7. So we can check that your new address is accurate, under Attachment (optional) click on Browse and attach a copy of a recent utility bill that shows the new address. This can be a bill for gas, electricity, water, sewage, phone or taxes.
    8. Click on Send message
    9. Once we’ve received your request, we’ll review it and update your address in our system. We’ll contact you within five working days to let you know that this is complete.




2, Prepayments - Booking Versus 3rd party.


  • While BdC Payments by Booking sounds great when its working and no 10 day audits turning into months of frozen funds and irate partners on the forum. Check out other topics on same to see if it applies to usa also.
  • I would reccomend using a 3rd party service and by pass BdC entirely.
  • You do that by defining the entire process into the New reservation template
  • include a prepay time limit before you void and cancel.



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