Advice on Russia-Ukraine situation

I would like to know your opinion in relation to the ongoing situation in Russia.

To be more specific about the Russian and Ukrainian clients that are due to travel to some of the destination they booked, what are they entitled to when it comes to refunds or changing the dates ? 


BrookAve 1 year ago



The same as normal of course.

As per the GDT aka T&C  as a partner discrimination is not allowed.


However if you leverage the Fine Print section of the View My Descriptions page, you can require documents and photoID etc all be sent with in 24 hours of booking.


So when they fail to comply you can click request cancelation and option 1. then contact partner support to expedite.


dont forget to outline your policies and requirements with a time limit into the NEW Reservation template also to cover off.





nope they are not here, just us leprechauns here. contact them directly as per below.




Where you can reach us - << Public info method #3


how to contact partner support via private assigned number in inbox