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Hello booking team I need your help please regarding commission void of ref 2364160212 this marked as no show from our side , ref 3217828035,and ref 2443259146 these was cancelled by the guest and booking.com add commission on hotel statement, of these  3 booking so please we need to correct and remove this commission because we didn't received this guest or collect any money from their credit card .


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Julie - Commun… 1 year ago

Hello! Thanks for the post on the partner community. To easily dispute a commission amount, we have a process listed below.


What to do if you have a valid commission question

After a guest checks out, you have up to 48 hours to modify the reservation on the Extranet. If you miss this 48-hour deadline, you can dispute the commission on a reservation by following the steps below.

Note: This feature is only for exceptional circumstances. You're expected to modify bookings within 48 hours of check-out under the Reservations tab. If a dispute is rejected, you can't submit another one for the same reservation.

  1. Log in to the Extranet and click the Finance tab.
  2. Select Reservation Statements.
  3. Under the Dispute column, check the box for the reservation(s) you want to dispute, and a blue Dispute X reservation(s) button will appear.
  4. Click the blue Dispute X reservation(s) button and enter the actual amount of revenue received, then select a reason for the dispute and write an explanation.
  5. Click the Send message button. You'll get an update on the status of the request in your Inbox in the next 48 business hours.

Check whether your dispute is approved, rejected, or in review by hovering over the check box in the Dispute commission column.

HERE IS LINK TO PARTNER HELP ARTICLE OUTLINING STEPS: https://partner.booking.com/en-us/help/commission-invoices-tax/commissi…

Aqua Hotel Res… 1 year ago

Hello, booking team

Thank you so much for your kind reply and usual support 

Aqua Hotel Res… 1 year ago

Good morning Booking team

I hope if you can help me to change booking  reservation date of 2906489153 as well in booking page (change reservation date ) is not active ,so please activate and I want change this booking date from 16/2/2022 till 20/02/2022 not 21/2/2022


Please advice 

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Aqua Hotel Res… 1 year ago

Dear Booking team,

kindly we still waiting your kind reply regarding our disputes issue and amount refund until we can pay 1571290571 Commission invoice but we need to correct the statement  first from your side after commission correction and send it back to us ,then we will pay the invoice .