Booking dates

Hello, my place is available but when someone tries to book it, the site does not allow those dates, instead it proposes different ones. Can someone help; thank you

1 year ago

Good Day,

I hope all is well.

I would recommend that you take a look at your restrictions in place. To make sure nothing is stopping those dates from being seen. You can find this via the extranet listed under the rates and availability tab.

Once there you will want to click on Calendar and for that date that should be bookable click on the drop down arrow for that rate and see if there are any current restriction in place such as a release until.

And should you need further assistance it's best to send a request via the inbox on the extranet by clicking on Booking.com messages and then compose new message.

Now choose rates and availability as the topic and other as sub topic that will go over directly to the team to assist you further if you do not identify any restrictions during your check.

Have a great day!