How can I set up on Booking.com .... on the date of a departing guest another guest cant book that day of the other guest departing

Sandrine Micallef
1 year ago

Hello Deborah, 

This should actually be automatically set up this way. Let's say a guest books from today (20th of October) for 2 nights (departure date 22nd of OCtober), you calendar will be marked as busy on the 20th and on the 21rst, but the 22nd will show available in your calendar.

Hope this makes sense and helps, 

Have a great day


Deborah Beirowski 1 year ago

Thank you Sandrine
Guest leaves on the 22nd OCT but then I am having other guest book on the 22 Oct - that does not give me enough time to clean - sanitize and get the cottage ready for the 2pm arrive time for the next guest.  I am finding that guest do not keep to the 10am checkout time

Do you know what I could do

Have a great day Debs