Bookings with declined card…

It’s really aggravating when customers book through you all have declined cards or no working cards. I am a small hotel and the checkins that I have today are both booked through your site and both have declined cards and cards that won’t work. I was able to get a hold of one person who now doesn’t call me back snd the other person doesn’t respond at all. Both of these were to be charged $672 a piece…. I just feel like you never help us with these no shows who hold up rooms and I lose inventory over it

Haley Eder
2 years ago

Hello Escape,

Thank you for writing in.

Please review this article, specifically how you can "validate payments in advance". You are able to authorize the card in advance, and if necessary mark the credit card invalid. After the guest has the opportunity to provide a new card, if they do not do this, you can cancel the booking prior to arrival, freeing up inventory.