can I hide the address of my listing publicly?

I host a suite in my private residential home, I work with airbnb and my address is not shared before any reservation is confirmed, do I have this option at boooking.com? Thanks!

Nick Slater 2 years ago

Don't take no for an answer. I am cancelling on behalf of you all. It is totally illegal for them to publicly broadcast your private address without remuneration to you FOR THAT PURPOSE and if you ask that it be removed it needs to be removed within 24 hours. It only costs $70 to file in Small Claims and you can sue for the limit for copyright infringement - usually many thousands of dollars. That's what I will do. It worked wth Yellow Pages when I cancelled my advertising with them and they kept publishing my number generating lots of nuisance calls - won $2500! Not hard to understand if you have your address out there and pictures of everything inside for any nitwit to see - THAT is a serious liability. I may also call several insurance carriers and inform them of this practice and they may cancel any and all Bookings.com related policies if they are smart. Now if I terminate my contract with Booking.com and they STILL maintain my information publicly, that is a criminal matter for the FBI, because I am old and been there done that. I am retired except for BnB and ain't no rascal gonna mess with the peaceful enjoyment of my retirement! Ignorance is no excuse. Neither is stupidity...