cleaning fee

Hi all,

I have excluded our cleaning fees but again a guest made a booking and again its including cleaning fees, so I´ve checked it in my app and it´s still excluded so something goes wrong. 

Is there someone who is able to help me with this?

Thanks in advance.


Sandrine Micallef
2 years ago

Dear Natasha, according to the habits of the country, some guests on Booking.com can see information about prices differently. For example, in North America, people are used to see prices excluding taxes while in Europe, they always see the prices all taxes included. It's the same with additional fees. However, the total amount should be the same. For example, in USA, a guest will see 100 $ + 20$ tax + 30$ cleaning fees (total 150$), while in Europe, another guest will simply see 150$ (taxes & cleaning fees included). Hope this helps !