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Closing two properties opened by mistake at the beginning.

Hi everyone,


When I created acount at I created two extra properties but it's the same property of current one and I want to delete those to avoid confusion. Namely, I have three properties but only one working.

My question is

How to delete extra two?

Thx in advance for advice.

Best to all.

Minphy Liao
2 years ago

Hi Stevan, welcome to Booking! Excited to have you on board. 

You don't need to do anything for the 2 inactive properties. Since the other 2 pages have never been properly set up, over a period of time, our teams will have a clean sweep and close the accounts. We'll see that the accounts are duplicates and inactive. 

If not, we'll make sure to contact you for any questions.

Happy Booking!

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Stevan Jovanovic 2 years ago

Thank you Minphy for your reply. I mean, I'm just annoyed that two are standing there and give me confusion when I open Pulse. 

Thx much again.