Credit card Payment

Got a question for ya'll.


Why does Booking.com allow customers to book without giving their credit card information.


Is there a way to make your listing credit card only. (No cash payments)


And what assurances/ insurance does Booking.com give incase of a customer damage or accident?


Thank you all in advance

BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Anne,


  1. BdC dont set that , you do. But by default you have no such service enabled. So it is up to you to setup and provide such a service with a 3rd party provider, or use your own Bank IBAN or a payment method provided by BdC.

    Hint: you define the payment method in your NEw Reservation Template if you are not using a BdC pay method for prepay.

    You and only you can do this. Such as adding a time limit , minimum 24h, for them to make payment on platforms such as Paypal, IBAN transfer, other near instant payments, (sumup, payrexx,square etc).

  2. You can ask BdC to enable Online Payments and then the guest can provide a card or uses another method and then bdC issue a VCC to the reservation for the prepaid amount. Note: it will only be charageable on day 2 of the stay.
    Malso make sure in the extranet > property>policies to enable prepay.
    No prepay no No Show or cancellation fee can be taken.

  3. Deposits are not taken by BdC. it is up to you to mark as required then provide the prepay methods into the new reservation template for deposit.



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