Email of Amsterdam Head office for Europe for Partners (not guests!)

Dear Colleagues,

Does anyone have customer service email of the European Head office in Amsterdam?

I need to contact them in order to appeal for certain number of negative guest reviews to be erased from the website.

Can someone help, please!

Partner from Serbia

BrookAve 2 years ago


Note that customer Service is a tea mfor guests not partners, what you are looking for is Partner Support team.


There is a global public phone list by location on the contact Us Page called - Where to reach us.







Contacting BdC Support - 2022 Cheat sheet - USA Hub


Where you can reach us << public list only





how to contact partner support via private assigned number in inbox

JOHN POUROULA 1 year ago


  Good luck with that. I've been trying to talk to someone from their finance section for over 2 months to sort out my banking so I can get paid. Most useless organisation ever, emails back and forth with no results. 

Ian Rutter 11 months ago

I am having a similar problem. A guest left a negative review after I refused to waive their cancellation fee. According to the conditions for review removal, "If a guest checked in at your property but decided to leave before their planned check-out date – and then left a review – we won’t remove their review *as long as it’s relevant to their experience at the property and to the reason why they decided not to stay.*"

Our reviewer stated that the reason for her decision not to stay and a request for cancellation was a problem with her credit card; absolutely nothing to do with what she subsequently wrote in her review.. The card she provided at time of booking was invalid and Booking.com have failed to get an alternative from the guest, despite their undertaking to do so, so I am still without payment. For over a week, I have tried to get sense from Booking.com Partner Support and they just send out a standard message stating that the review meets their conditions so will not be removed. This is despite my demonstrating quite clearly how their conditions for removal have been met.

There is a Dispute Resolution team, to whom I have sent 5 messages and have not had a single response. Booking.com Partner Support is appalling and they have clauses in their conditions that either they do not understand or choose to ignore.