Extra guests sneking in



I dont have a booking number but I have an issue with the way house rules cannot be customised. I have a situation for example where a booking for two was made for a duration of 15 nights. after three nights a third person was introduced sneekily. I was then told that the person who originally booked was leaving after a further three days so it was alright. This indeed occured so I was left with the original guests companion who then subsequently brought anothr guest to stay. Now I am being treated like a hostel with no security as I now know neither the names of the people living in my place nor their ID. I would like therfore the house rules or indeed the rules of booking .com to reflect this problem and i would like to have not only the person booking·s name and ID but also their companions ID and name and contact details

BrookAve 1 year ago


unless you are listed as occupancy based rates, nothing you can do.


however you can always state the rules into the new reservation template and as long as you have a way to enforce them onsite, then you are golden.

so here i would suggest to go and ask them for a government issues photo ID, passport or driver license, it should be that simple.


and if anyone gets narky just say its house rules all must provide photo ID and for COVID its track and trace requirement .

any reasonable person should not zero issues with giving you their ID.





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