Guest not arriving and not paying as per agreement

Hi all,

I have a guest that booked for 2 weeks coming from Nigeria.

Unfortunately they never contacted me of canceled their bookings.

As per booking.com agreement I have the right to take 50% payment for the booking.

Eventually I did get hold of him today after many tries.

He told me they have a visa problem which has been delayed for long.

I offered him a credit for another booking in the future but he refuses to pay me anything.


What should I do?

Unfortunately Booking.com is voiceless.


Thank you.


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Amy - Communit… 2 years ago

Hi Otto,

If based on the reservation policy, you can charge him for a no show, you can. If you cannot receive payment on the credit card you will want to mark "invalid credit card" so we know you could not take funds from the reservation and will not charge the commissionable cancellation fee. Again, I encourage you to abide by the reservation policy that the booker agreed to.



Amy H 

Otto Feyerabend 2 years ago

Thank you very much for your assistance. Much appreciated. 

Kind regards Otto