how do i limit a booking to be 7 nights minimum, but also maximum?

Hi Everyone,

what i would like to do is to set bookings as multiple of 7 nights. So teh minimum is 7 nights but also the maximum is 7 nights.

This means that guest will not be abel to book 10 night, but only 7 or 14 night

I looked around and read a few pages of instructions but could not figure

Thanks a lot for the advice on how to set this up

BrookAve 1 year ago


Hi Rosa,


  • Do you have any other rate plans setup? 
  • Ideal practical way is
    • message partner support to enable all calendar fields.
    • create a new weekly rate plan
      • set min 7. 
      • i dont think it has max stay length.
    • in calendar list view:
      • leverage the max length of stay to 7
      • bulk edit tool can be useful also.


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nope they are not here, just us leprechauns here. contact them directly as per below.




Where you can reach us - << Public info method #3


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