I am confused with this platform

I have registered to my homes on this platform and I realize I’m getting bookings already I’m not even done putting pictures up and filling out everything because it’s kind of confusing I’m trying to figure out how do I add extra people after to two for extra charge etc And I don’t wanna be alive now until I put the correct pictures up n understand the charges, Can someone call me from this platform

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Amy - Communit… 2 years ago

Hi Peggy! Welcome to Booking.com ~ You can find how to add "extra person charges" to your home by checking out this link for instructions: https://partner.booking.com/en-us/help/channel-manager/rates/setting-oc…

In addition, if you're not "ready" for bookings just yet, and want to organize your content a little more before getting reservations, you can 'snooze your listing', which will take you offline temporarily while you adjust things. In the extranet, click "property", "general info" and in your home's information in the top white box you will see the option to "snooze your listing". It will then take  you to dates you want to snooze for, etc. 

Hope this is helpful, and Happy Booking when you're ready to resume! 

Amy H