Location Verification!

In the name of verification my property has been kept closed for booking for more than two months. Is there any way to get it resolved? My property is located in a popular care and it is not at all difficult to verify it for the booking. Come team. 

Reza Abrahams 2 years ago

The location verification process is flawed and does not make business sense.

If this verification process is needed, then it should be done in the beginning and not when the property is active on the platform. 

Guest has been staying at my property for sometime now and has reviewed the property, my overall rating is 9.7 and recently received a traveller review award from booking.com. 

But still they want to verify the location of the property. One would think that the guest review, trumps all other checks from both owner and booking.com.

Soon I will have no choice but to list on other booking sites and terminate my agreement with booking.com - as the loss of revenue is growing daily.