Location verification

Hi, my listing is showing closed/not bookable. I was wondering what do I have left to do to complete the registration process.  I don’t have access to mail service in my area so I can’t verify my location.

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Amanda - Commu… 1 year ago


Thank you for reaching out!

In exceptional cases where you don’t have access to postal services or immediate access to the property you want to list on Booking.com, contact us so we can facilitate your verification by alternative means.

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Haus friedrich 1 year ago

I contacted Booking.com via every means possible and no solution.  I was told i would get a video call last week, nothing!!

Reza Abrahams 1 year ago

The location verification process is flawed and does not make business sense.

If this verification process is needed, then it should be done in the beginning and not when the property is active on the platform. 

Guest has been staying at my property for sometime now and has reviewed the property, my overall rating is 9.7 and recently received a traveller review award from booking.com. 

But still they want to verify the location of the property. One would think that the guest review, trumps all other checks from both owner and booking.com.

Soon I will have no choice but to list on other booking sites and terminate my agreement with booking.com - as the loss of revenue is growing daily.