Minimum stay is 3 days

I thought I had filled in somewhere that the minimum stay at the Aruba Seascape Apartments  is 3 days. But Someone just booked a stay of 1 night with 3 adults for 95$, we simple cannot do that. This is costing money. which I send this person directly a message, but until now no reply. I cannot find where I can change this that this not happen again.

I also want to cancel all my discounts. There are people they book with 3 guests and enjoy a discount, of course I except that if they are standing in front of me. But the time of introduction is ok for now. I have been two months in business.

Can you please assist me with this ?

BrookAve 1 year ago


Hi Eric, 

  1. check all Rate plans for # of nights
  2. then open calendar list view , and expand each room type and expand each row for rates and promos, and look at the min length of stay values for each.
  3. failing that,ring partner support to review