missing CVC number

I had this all straightened out about a year ago, but now it is missing again as of yesterday. My customer is very upset because they have already had credit card issues. They have now 'changed' the credit card twice and to no avail, the CVC is not coming through. I have asked them not to worry and now because of the angst I am not asking for a deposit. So if they no show or skip there will be no charge or commission for you either.

Robins Nest  


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Terrence - Com… 1 year ago

Hello Robin,

Thank you for your message. We would love to help you with the missing CVC number for your guests. 

If you need to change these settings, please contact us via your extranet inbox and we’ll update them for you. When you send us a message, select Property Details as the topic of your message and Property Policies (parking, internet, etc.) as the subtopic.

If you didn’t receive a CVC for a particular booking, it could be because the reservation was made using an American Express card. We don’t ask American Express card users to provide their CVC.

If your account is already set up to send you CVCs, and the reservation wasn’t made using an American Express card, please contact your channel manager. They can check to make sure that they’re passing on the CVCs they receive from us.

I hope this helps.

All the Best,