Multiple reservations from guests

I'm new to Booking.com and I allow guests to cancel up to the day before their arrival with no penalties.  Because of this liberal policy, I've noticed that some guests make multiple reservations until they decide which one they will choose, canceling the other ones. But my address is immediately disclosed to the guest, I send tips and information useful to the guests before their arrival and then they simply cancel. Allowing guests to cancel is their right, but allowing them to make multiple reservations is clearly an abuse and a risk. A lady recently told me she had 7 reservations, but ultimately would choose only one! And the address disclosed, the information exchanged, the time spent by the host? How can this be acceptable?????

BrookAve 2 years ago


  1. as soon as you see that contact PS team, and dont allow multiple bookings from same guest, so they should be cancelled, or give guest option to say which one to keep but they will not be allowed keep them active for more than 24-48 hours fro mtime of booking.




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